About Me

My salvation is not a dramatic story, but a lifetime spent growing in obedience and understanding.  I cannot think of a time when I did not know Jesus.  I grew up going to church every Sunday.  I had a mother and grandmother who encouraged me to read my Bible regularly. 

I married my husband Ken in 1984. We home schooled our two sons until both graduated from High School.  Our life together has been an adventure that has seen us living in many different states over the years. 

In 1999 I attended my first Women of Faith conference.  Becky Tirabassi was doing the Friday Intensive.  She shared how her life was changed by prayer and challenged us to commit to praying an hour a day.  I was intrigued  and I made that commitment, though I no longer stress about how much time I actually spend in prayer each day.  There are times when I have really struggled to maintain a consistent quiet time.  Some days I have just been lazy.  There have been times when I have been wrestling with great heartaches and had doubts about God's love for me.  And there are those times when I have simply been disobedient, refusing to heed that still small voice that beckons me to come and sit at His feet knowing that in doing so I am likely to admit that I need an attitude adjustment.  What I have experienced over the years has convinced me that Becky Tirabassi was right--prayer does change your life.

When I started on this journey I remember reading Luke 11:1 where one of the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray.  I began to pray that very thing.  I wanted to have my prayers "avail much."  I can tell you that I have learned a surprising thing over the years.  Though I have a journal that is a wonderful record of all kinds of answered prayers, my prayer journey has been about so much more.  Prayer has been my portal to knowing God more.  Prayer is so much more than just interceding for others or asking for my needs to  be met.  It is all about communing with the One who loves me most dearly.

My life has been marked by many struggles over the years.  The Lord has seen me through some very dark times: the survivor of sexual assault,  a long-term illness (that I am happy to report we finally found answers for a couple of years ago), the death of my younger brother after a battle with cancer in his early 30's, the deaths of both of my parents to illnesses including Alzheimer's in my mom, a prodigal son who as of this moment is still wandering on a different road, and a struggle with depression that, for a while, was quite debilitating.  What I can tell you today, at  age 50, is that God is bigger than it all.  He is my Rock, my Sustainer, my Comforter, Counselor, and Friend.

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