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Blogger Behave:Make your blog benefit your life, so you can love both! by Laura Booz

I have come to the chapter titled Quit, if You Must.  Several things have caught my attention.  Laura talks about her college days when a friend announced she was quiting their a cappella group.  The following really struck a chord with me:
Claire took a deep breath and explained that she needed to listen to God without the static of a packed agenda and obligations. She said she was quitting many of the good things that were keeping her from the best thing.
As Claire graciously answered our aggressive questions, I got the feeling that she had entered another world. Like Lucy Pevensie walking past the fur coats into the magical world of Narnian snow, Claire had somehow stepped out of our competitive collegiate environment into a world where she was free to slow time down, to say “no” whenever she needed to. She was not just resisting the status quo; she was living without it entirely.

What a great image Laura uses from one of my favorite books...

More favorite quotes:

I had to surrender my love of accomplishment, compensation, and approval. In order to love God truly, I had to sacrifice my aspirations of “making it big for God”, because all He truly desires is for me to love mercy, do justly, and walk humbly by His side.
Booz, Laura (2011-10-23). Blogger Behave: Make your blog benefit your life, so you can love both! (Kindle Locations 388-389). Kindle Edition.

I guess I could say that over these past few years, God has ravaged my heart – only to rebuild me through His Word - so that I could write to you today, utterly convinced that our walk with God and our Christian love for others is worth all of our attention for the rest of our lives. If my sphere of influence only extends beyond the walls of our home by way of my well-respected husband, our well-loved children, and our cared-for neighbors, I will have lived a fulfilling life. Because here’s the mystery that I am counting on: by walking away from a busy, accomplishment-oriented society into a quiet world of deep relationships, service, and home-life, I will establish a far-reaching legacy that extends throughout many generations. I don’t want this conviction to fade from my daily choices. So, if I must quit or drastically change my blog in order to protect my relationship with God, I hope I will. At the same time, if I need to grow my blog and increase my influence in order to obey God, I hope I will. I guess that’s the essence of a happy blogger: one who surrenders her time and abilities to the posts that God is writing. It’s His story, anyway, and for one sweet moment, we get to be the scribes who record His marvelous works.
Booz, Laura (2011-10-23). Blogger Behave: Make your blog benefit your life, so you can love both! (Kindle Locations 402-406). Kindle Edition.

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