Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Not All About Me

Then they came near to him and said, “We will build here sheepfolds for our livestock and cities for our little ones; but we ourselves will be armed ready to go before the sons of Israel, until we have brought them to their place, while our little ones live in the fortified cities because of the inhabitants of the land. We will not return to our homes until every one of the sons of Israel has possessed his inheritance.

This is an image of a sheepfold I pulled off the web and is not my own.
Today's study in Numbers brought me to Chapter 32, verses 16-18.  As I thought about how building sheepfolds and fortified cities, going to battle, and possessing inheritances had anything to do with me I noticed a couple of things.
First, there was still a fear of the inhabitants of the land, but in their willingness to go into battle to take possession of the promised land perhaps there was also more trust and faith in God to do what He had promised.  I totally understand the desire to provide a safe place, I like my safe place.  In praying this year to become the woman God intends me to be I also want to be willing to leave my safe place and venture wherever He leads.  This is so totally against my nature; I could be a very happy hermit.

Secondly, while the sons of Reuben and Gad were being given what they desired, they were still a part of the larger community.  There was still a responsibility to see that the other tribes of Israel received their promised inheritance.  Sitting here in my comfy chair, safe and secure in the knowledge that I have eternal life though Christ my Savior, I am convinced that I have much to do in sharing that precious gift with others.  Knowing that God does not desire for any to perish but all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9) indicates to me that I need to make sure this goal encompasses everyone I meet.  Yet I see in it too a responsibility to other believers, like the ones I worship with every Sunday.  A call to lift them up in prayer, to encourage them in their own journeys, to seek their good and be a positive influence.  I am feeling more and more called out of my safe, comfy place, to go out in the world.  Already I am starting to think that becoming the woman God wants me to be is going to present personal challenges that will work to deepen my own faith and trust in the One who has saved me and calls me His own.

Grace, Peace, and Mercy,

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Thank you, Debra. Always appropro! Blessings.