Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Reflection

 It's Friday, and that means a day of reflection for me.  My day to look back over my Bible study notes and think about how to take action on some of those ideas I have been thinking about.  I wrote out my list of the things that I need to be rid of in my life and decided to keep it in my prayer journal on the first page of my confess section.  (Chocolate did not make the cut, though I suppose it is implied by the recognition of my need to lose another 25 pounds.)  On the back side of that page I made a note of actions I want to take this year to help in that process.  This is the list I came up with:
1. Read Bible daily, Genesis through Revelation
2. M-F have quiet time involving prayer journal (not limited to those days but a minimum I want to attain)
3. Devotional Blog writing 3 days a week minimum.
4. Couch to 5k done by April
5.  Finish 5 UFO's- a quilting weakness I have identified is falling in love with new projects before finishing the old, which then end up sitting in boxes in my quilt studio.
6.  Read 12 books- again I have many in the works but have not been finishing any.

Eight of twelve quilt blocks completed so far
 I decided in that process that Fridays would be my reflection and accountability day to share with you what I have accomplished towards those goals.  The first week of January 2012 has me off to a good start.  I am on track for reading through the Bible this year.  Had my quiet time every day this week.  Put in time on my running program with couch to 5k- though I am staying put at week 4 next week as I feel my body needs some extra time on these workouts before increasing my running time.  I finished one square and began work on another for a redwork quilt I started last year.  These squares were designed by Alex Anderson and featured in the February 2011 issue of The Quilt Life magazine.  It was my "learn something new" quilt from last year and made it to the top of the list for finishing UFO's since it is red and white and will look great on my dining room wall where I like to hang and enjoy my quilt projects for awhile.

As for my read, I am picking up my brand new Kindle (thanks to my sweet family) and reading Blogger Behave: Make your blog benefit your life, so you can love both  by Laura Booz.  I chose this book because I need to find a balance between social media and life that works for me, my family, and my ministry.  It is far too easy for me to get sucked into computer time and have the rest of my life suffer as a result- another one of the areas I identified that needs some work.
  So that's it for me.  I am feeling pretty good about this week, where the Lord has been leading me and the choices I am making towards becoming the woman God wants me to be in 2012.  What about you?  Are there some changes/goals that you want to work towards.  Friday is going to be my accountability day and I would love to have you join me and share how you are doing as we go through the year together.

Grace, Peace, and Mercy,

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