Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do You Know Him

I was asked the other day by a friend if I knew so-and-so.  I answered yes, but then thought, I don't really KNOW her.  I greet her by name when I see her.  I know she is married and has three kiddos.  I love her taste in clothes.  But I don't really know her, not the details that make her who she is.

I am always on the lookout when I read through the Bible for insight into who God is.  Psalm 86:1-17 provided me just such insight this morning.
From the Psalmist I learned that God is:
-able to protect me
-so good
-ready to forgive
-full of unfailing love
-the One on whom my life depends
-the maker of each and every nation
-performs great miracles
-God alone- there is no other God
-slow to get angry
-full of truth
-the One who rescued me from the depths of death

I needed to know that God this morning.  I needed to know He is slow to anger and ready to forgive.  I needed to know that He is merciful and gracious.  I needed to be reminded that I was rescued  from the depths of death.  I have been struggling with some sin in my life.  I can be really good at deceiving myself, not calling it what it is.  I was challenged yesterday to face it head on- to trace its "veins" as it has spread deep within my life, and not let any of it go unnoticed or unnamed.

I spent some time rooting around in the mud with God to find all the areas where this sin has had an impact on my life.  Oh my goodness, how can one little sin be connected to so many others?!  I spent some time confessing in detail to the One who is ready to forgive, confessing my sins, not in general, but being very specific.  I spent some time with Him laying out a plan for the future to help me avoid continuing in that sin.  And while it was not an audible voice, I heard very distinctly at the end of my quiet time this morning. "I have told you what is good and right and acceptable, now go and do it."  So I am off to do what I have known all along I should be doing- time to stop making excuses for myself.

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Grace, Peace, and Mercy


Mary said...

I always enjoy my visits...another great message..Blessings..

Debra Davis said...
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Debra Davis said...

Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement Mary. Blessings to you too.