Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Because We Never Know What the Day Will Bring

I hesitate to say I learned a valuable lesson last week.  I have the feeling that it is one that will need repeating in the future just because of the way I am about my prayer life.  I found myself making lots of excuses last week for not journaling through my prayer time.  When I did actually continue in my journal, after my daily Bible reading plan, one person came immediately to mind.  This is not someone I know particularly well, but she was on my mind as well as some specifics to pray.  As I went about the rest of my morning I checked in on FB and there she was, and her status was a prayer that said exactly what I had been praying for her- I tell you I got chillbumps.  I have had similar things happen in the past.  This was different in that it was so specific.  This one really hit home to me the importance of not growing weary in intercessory prayer.  It was a double blessing for both of us that day, we were both encouraged by how the Holy Spirit moves us as we pray, and the joy that only comes from being obedient to those gentle proddings.

In my own life the Lord really used it to emphasize to me how important that time with Him is each morning because I do not know what lies ahead.  What if I had not prayed that morning?  I would not have been able to share how much the Lord cares for this friend and has caused others to be in prayer for her very specific needs.  (and how cool is that- He can direct someone to pray so specifically!)  Sometimes we just need to know that we are not alone in our battles.  Sometimes we are just crying out for the Lord to show us somehow that He cares about us.  What if I had not prayed?

The day before I had come to my prayer time and just asked if it would be okay not to journal.  I was so tired.  I was soooo not motivated.  I was just not in the mood.  In my mind I heard that it was okay- I could go on with my day.  Everything seemed to go wrong that day- I could not even sew a simple seam without having to rip it out.  All afternoon I had that niggling thought, "you should have taken time for the Lord this morning."  But then I kept thinking that God really does not work that way.  However, that is why I was willing to sit quietly and pray the next morning before I got my day going.  I was still tired.  I was still not particularly motivated. I just chose to be obedient.
The two days were like night and day.  It does not always happen like that for me.  Spending my quiet time has never guaranteed a smooth sailing kind of day.  This day though, as I sat and reflected while sewing a quilt, everything coming together very well once again,  I kept thinking, "what if my friend had posted her prayer yesterday?"  I would not have prayed for her.  I would have had no encouragement to give when it was needed.  I actually think I had the kind of off day I had so that I would not miss the opportunity to pray when I needed to, because I was not having the kind of week where I was seeking first the Kingdom.  It all reminded me of how important it is to come each day for my time with the Lord, to sit at His feet and listen to His word, to seek His will, to share my heart, to know Him more...because He knows what each day will bring.

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lovetostitch said...

This really impressed me in that I have had the same feeling - the Lord really does work thru us to help others. xo