Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wait and Listen to the Lord

Brown Thrasher puffed up in the cold

Spotted Towhee-
I just happened to look
out the window at the right time
This morning I am distracted by all the birds coming to feast on this cold morning outside my window.  Especially distracting since two of them were newcomers.  One stuck around for quite a while while the other hardly gave me a chance to snap a hasty photo.

Oddly, it made me think about my Bible reading for today.  In the next four verses from Numbers chapter 9 the people have observed the Passover as the LORD commanded.  However there was a group that came to Moses who were unclean because of a death and were unable to observe Passover on that day and they wanted to know why they were restrained from making an offering to the Lord on the appointed day.  Moses told them to wait while he listened to what the LORD would command concerning them.  (Now I have not gotten to the answer yet in my reading, though I have read this passage many times before and know what is coming, but I am trying to approach it fresh.)  I was struck by Moses' response.  He did not dismiss them or ignore their desire to please the Lord even though outside of what had been prescribed.  He went and sought the Lord's will on the matter.  It strikes me because Moses did not limit God to what he already understood.  It strikes me because Moses recognized that the Lord just might make some room for people who do not fit in with the rest- who couldn't meet the standard of cleanliness prescribed by God.  It strikes me because Moses was willing to wait and listen to what God had to say on the matter.
It made me wonder if we sometimes chase people away because we are not very good at accepting those who do not fit into our mold- those who have a desire to worship and serve but want to go about it a slightly different way.  Do we respond like Moses to them, seeking the Lord's direction even if it might fly in the face of our conventions?  Are we willing to make changes to meet the needs of others?
Oh, that last question has much more personal application for me.  I have my way of doing things.  I have my preferred schedule for what my day looks like.  Am I willing to make room for people who need the Lord but mess up my day?
Like those birds, sometimes what I have to offer leads people to stay and sometimes I cannot meet the needs and they need to go elsewhere.  But may they never leave because I refuse to consider that the Lord might have something new for me to see.  Perhaps they have come my way because I need a fresh perspective.

Goldfinch-very bold fella that allows me to get close to the window

Plenty of Goldfinches in the winter here

Love getting winter shots of Cardinals

Chickadee- comes mainly for the sunflower seed and flits in and out,
not one to linger long for a photo.

House Finch

Blue Jay- kind of shy and only comes close when the pear tree is no longer producing.

Another Goldfinch

Surprised that a Mockingbird is hanging around
- seems to like the lantana that has gone to seed under my window

Junco- always visits whenever the snow flies

Grace and Peace,

 I would love to hear about your own journeys. Feel free to share what God is teaching you, as well as your thoughts on my musings. May we grow in wisdom and understanding together.

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Wow - love the pictures! Blessings to you!