Friday, February 10, 2012

The Spirit is Willing...

"Keep alert and pray.  Otherwise temptation will overpower you.  For though the spirit is willing enough, the body is weak!" (Matthew 26:41, NLT1)  These words of Jesus to Peter that night long ago in the garden are just as true in my life today.  I wonder--even after sharing the Passover meal, even after Jesus pointedly telling them that He was going to die, that one of them would betray Him, and that this very night they would all desert Him-- did they still not get it?  As I read this morning I wondered how they could have fallen asleep when Jesus told them to stay alert and pray.  I caught myself thinking, "Not me.  I would have stayed awake and prayed.  I would have sensed the urgency that this night held."   I would have been just like Peter, "Even if everyone else deserts You, I never will."  (heavy sigh) I would have been just like Peter...which means I would have fallen asleep in the garden too.  That is a tough reflection for a Friday, but a good reflection looking forward to a new week.  Forgiven!  All the mistakes of this week are forgiven.  Tomorrow is a fresh start.  Tomorrow begins another day to practice being alert and praying; each day is a chance to grow stronger.  I love that God is a God of more than just second chances.  His love knows no limits.  No matter how many times I fall He has always been there with waiting arms to pick me up again.  I've identified some weak areas I need to pay particularly close attention to next week.  I love that God has already given me everything I need to win this spiritual battle- just read the first chapter of Ephesians if you've any doubt.  Forging ahead as a child of the King!

Grace, Peace, and Mercy,

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