Friday, November 18, 2011

Wait-You Mean I Need to do This at Home Too?

It's Friday, and following the plan laid out in Good Morning Girls that means it is time to reflect on the Scriptures I have read this week: Romans 14:13-23.  Having an attitude of peace and joy with others even when it requires me to not insist on my own way is what stands out to me after rereading my journal notes.  At first my thought revolved around the church since this section is all about how we relate to other believer's, but then it hit me that I live much closer with another group of believer's- those in my own home.  Ouch.  I do not have to go back any farther than yesterday to see where I failed to exhibit peace and joy.
"Pursue those things which make for peace and the building up of one another." (verse 19)  This even applies to my husband who was trying to help me out with getting dinner on the table last night and wrapped the fresh out of the oven rolls in the old kitchen towel I had handy by the stove.  I knew what the towel had been doing all day as I prepared our Thanksgiving meal.  (A week early I know, but it was when we could all be together.)  I was horrified and not very gracious in my "correction."  Thankfully this towel did not see me through the turkey prep earlier so it was probably pretty harmless- still it was not my way at all!  Sad to say, but I am quick to jump on family members who do not do things my way around the house.  While I venture to work towards pursuing peace I am very much convicted that I cannot neglect this pursuit within my own home.  So much for wanting this to be just a general application with nothing very specific for me to get to work on.
My sweet family

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GrammaGrits said...

Great picture of your family!

And, ouch! I understand exactly what you mean.

Deb said...

Thanks dear sister-friend. Are you still glad I have started writing again? haha.

Deb said...

oh, and did you notice the quilt on the wall? last years fall project.

Jenny said...

LOVE the quilt! Great post. I'm glad you're writing again.