Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starting Over

This morning I sat staring at the Scriptures I had copied down.  "What can I possibly get out of that?" I silently prayed.  That still small voice that continues to encourage and guide simply said, "Start with your observations."  Have I told you how much I love this SOAP method of looking at the Word?  I just have to share again with you what I wrote in my notebook.

Scripture-But if a man dies very suddenly beside him (I am reading the section about those who take a Nazirite vow.) and he defiles his dedicated head of hair, then he shall shave his head on the day when he becomes clean; he shall save it on the seventh day.
     Then on the eighth day he shall bring two turtledoves or two young pigeons to the priest, to the doorway of the tent of meeting.
     The priest shall offer one for a sin offering and the other for a burnt offering, and make atonement for him concerning his sin because of the dead person.  And that same day he shall consecrate his head.
     And shall dedicate to the LORD his days as a Nazirite, and shall bring a male lamb a year old for a guilt offering; but the former days will be void because his separation has been defiled. -Numbers 6:9-12, NASB

(Do you see my dilemma?! So I dutifully move on to Observation.)

Observation-Atonement needs to be made for sin, for guilt, even when it was not intentional.  While sin interrupts the vow and he/she has to start over, it does not negate ones ability to be dedicated to the LORD.

(Wow!  I am truly excited now!  Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!)

Application- When I sin I must "Pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again."  Also need to watch my attitude with others; free them to start over with me too- with a clean slate.

(I am just amazed that God has been able to teach me, to grow me, with these particular Scriptures.  I can get so bogged down in my walk when I am wallowing in the sins of my past.  Jesus did it all on the cross, I need to cling to that and not to past mistakes.
And boy, I can be so slow to forgive others.  My conscience is pricked over how I treat people around me. I am one to say that I forgive- but I won't forget.  Funny, I cannot seem to find that verse anywhere in my Bible.  And so I move on to the final step in this process.)

Prayer- Father God, how can I ever put into words how grateful I am for the way that you love me?  Thank You for continuing to teach me, for encouraging me to take time to consider what You have to say and for Your Spirit at work to guide my thoughts.  Thank You for being the God who redeems, who forgives, whose love has no limits.  Father I pray that you will work in me to share this precious gift with others by being one who forgives and loves without limits.  Oh how I love You, Lord.

Grace and Peace,

 I would love to hear about your own journeys. Feel free to share what God is teaching you, as well as your thoughts on my musings. May we grow in wisdom and understanding together.

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Jenny said...

Love that. I love how a verse/s, seemingly non-applicable, when you really look at it and ask God about it, become/s so personal and meaningful.

Deb said...

Jenny, my post just catches a glimpse of how excited I am. I love how God is taking verses that seem so far removed from my life and finding ways to teach more about how I need to walk in this life.